Since the year 1945, at COPALIN we pay attention to details, take pride in innovation and
    feel our deep responsibility to the environment surrounding us, our distinguished team,
    their families and our stock holders. We have strong alliance with our vendors, research
    institutes and a fair enough gathering of sponsors.

    At the same time, we never lose sight of our primary goal, to supply our customers with
    our products which realize recent technology with assured quality and reasonable
    prices. At Copalin we believe in integrity, knowledge, cleverness and variation; and
    we highly valuate these values.

    Caplin's Skiff on its logo lasted from a long time corroborates the strong nexus between
    COPALIN Chemical Industries SAE and marine paints, Being established in Alexandria,
    guided Copalin to its choices to create and maintain an affluent range of Marine &
    Protective coatings.

    A well known international company cooperated through a know-how agreement
    to furnish Copalin with a sophisticated technology build up, which paved the way
    towards a distinctive position for Copalin in this field.

    Copalin has dedicated its long techical expertise accumulated slong several years,
    through a comprehensive technology development strategy to open a new horizon in
    the fields of Marine & Protective coatings designed specially to satisfy customers with high quality products, COPALIN considers the capabilities of its technical service team, the principal core competence, devoted to serve different types of application in this vital field.