Product Name: Copalin Sealer W
         Product Code: 404

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Colorless emulsion sealer coating for all concrete and gypsum surfaces specially formulated for the building materials such as concrete, gypsum, asbestos to penetrate the building surfaces to protect walls and floors against effect of weathering and abrasion resistance.
  • It acts as a primer and sealer coat for treatment and coating of traditional paint.
 Physical data
  • Can be applied by Brush or Spray gun. After thinning with water on clean surfaces from dust, oil and grease, dried from 2-4 hrs depending on the ventilation and atmospheric temperature.
  • Allow 8 hrs before subsequent coats. Apply one or more coats according to the porosity of surface.
  • Consumption: 8 m2 /ltr.
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