Product Name: Copalin Q/D Enamel 
         Product Code: 211

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Quick drying synthetic enamel, based on a special fast drying modified resin.
  • Used on interior and exterior steel structures.
  • Gives a tough and flexible hard dry film and a smooth coat.
  • Good weather resistance.
  • Especially suitable for painting heavy equipment, vehicle repaints drums, scaffolding and most of steel structures.
  • Supplied in gloss, semi gloss and mat finish according to customer demand.
 Physical data 
  • Gloss: Gloss and Semi Gloss, Matt.
  • Color: as per Ral shades.
  • Solids Volume, %: 50 – 60 (According to color and gloss).
  • Flash point, °C: 32C.
  • Recommended dry film Thickness, μm: 50.
  • Theoretical spreading rate: 10 -12 m2 /L
  • Thinner: Copalin thinner 601.
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