Product Name: Copoxy Mortar 
         Product Code: 444

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two components epoxy polyamine based compounds of such the same consistency as mineral based systems in normal use in the building industry.
  • It is used for industrial flooring as sealing compounds for pre-fabricated concrete parts or reinforcing iron floors.
  • The consistency of the compounds varies between liquid and viscous mixture.
  • It has extremely high mechanical strengths
  • It has chemical resistance.
 Physical data 
  • Binder: Epoxy.
  • Pigmentation: Inert, resistant pigments.
  • Mixing ratio by wt. (non – pigmented): Component A: 10 kg, Component B: 6 kg.
  • Mixing ratio by wt. (pigmented): Component A: 10 kg, Component B: 5.5 kg.
  • Specific Gravity (non – pigmented): 1.00 g/cm3, Specific Gravity (pigmented): 1.25 g/cm3
  • Volume Solid: 100%.
  • Flash Point: 70°C.
  • Colour: Range.
  • Pot Life (20°C): 50 min (drying and curing times are dependent on temperature).
  • Cleaners: Thinner 603.
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate: 4 m2/kg.
  • Film Thickness: 250 μm.
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