Product Name: Copoxy Primer
         Product Code: 116

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two components non toxic high molecular weight epoxy primer with high content of corrosion inhibiting pigment.
  • Designed as a part of a system processing the highest chemicals, abrasion and water resistance.
  • Suitable for atmospheric and immersion exposure conditions.
  • Good water and corrosion resistance.
  • Fast curing even at lower temperatures.
  • May be over coated with epoxy, epoxide enamels, polyurethane or other heavy duty coating.
  • It is used for lining of natural gas pipes and as a prime coat of cargo tanks and containers.
 Physical data
  • Gloss: Egg shell.
  • Color: reddish brown, pink and grey.
  • Solid volume %: 55% ±2.
  • Flash point, ºC: >27.
  • Mixing Ratio by volume: 80:20 (Base: Hardener).
  • Pot life, at 20ºC: 16 hrs.
  • Recommended dry film thickness, μm: 40 – 75.
  • Theoretical Spreading rate at 40μm: 13.75 m2 / L.
  • Thinner: Copalin 603
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