Product Name: Copasil Aluminium
         Product Code: 515

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Silicon resin based heat resistance paint containing inorganic pigments.
  • Has very good resistance to thermal shock condition from ambient temperature to 400ºC .
  • Provides excellent rust preventing property.
  • Can be applied alone or over zinc silicate.
  • Used as a heat resistance coat for the thermal implements operating from ambient temperature to 400ºC (752ºF) such as motor, boiler, heater, ventilator, steam lines, etc.
 Physical data   
  • Colour: Silver (Aluminium), Black
  • Texture: Flat.
  • Solids Volume, %: 25±2% (for silver), 30±2% (for black)
  • Flash Point, ºC: > 25
  • Recommended dry film thickness,μm : 25
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate,m2/L: 10 (for silver shade), 12 (for black )
  • Thinner: Thinner 601
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