Product Name: Copoxyvin 
         Product Code: 206

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Copoxyvin is a tar free two component surface tolerance modified epoxy anticorrosive primer.
  • Gives excellent physical properties as toughness.
  • Abrasion resistance and adhesion.
  • Specially designed as a tie coat or sealer on epoxy primer to improve the adhesion of subsequent antifouling coat.
  • Possible to use the product as a primer on aluminum, galvanized surface, glass fiber and wet blasted steel.
 Physical data 
  • Gloss: Egg shell.
  • Colour: Grey.
  • Volume Solids, %: 60 ±2.
  • Flash Point, ºC: 30
  • Mixing ratio by volume: 85: 15 (Base: Hardener).
  • Pot Life (at 25ºC): 8 hrs.
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate at 75μm: 8 m2/L.
  • Recommended film thickness, μm: 75 - 150.
  • Thinner: 603.
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