Product Name: Copoxy Vitar 
         Product Code: 250

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Copoxy Vitar is a two component vinyl modified coal tar epoxy based anticorrosive and sealer coat.
  • Tough and high – build with excellent resistance to sea water with rust preventing properties.
  • Double uses as Anticorrosive and Sealer coat under antifouling paint for use on ship's bottom (so, application time and cost can be reduced).
 Physical data 
  • Colour: Black and Brown.
  • Finish: Flat.
  • Volume Solids: 65±2% (determined by ASTM D2697).
  • Flash Point: Base:38ºC (closed cup). Curing agent: 27 ºC (closed cup).
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 100 – 150 μm per coat (Drying time and spreading rate depend on film thickness).
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate: 6.5 m2 in 100μm Dry Film Thickness on a smooth surface.
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