Product Name: Copoxy Phenol S.F
         Product Code: 592

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two components , solvent free epoxy novolac based coat, high performance Chemical resistance tank lining.
  • Heavy duty coating reinforced with mica for tank lining protection of steel and concrete surface.
  • Corrosion protection as a self priming protection to provide a lining system for internal of storage tanks.
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of cargoes including chemicals, solvents, fresh and salt water, caustic, crude and fuel oil, animal and vegetable oil and fats and non-oxidizing solution.
  • As All high performance Coatings, Copoxy Phenol S.F 592 must be applied as recommended to obtain the maximum protection.
   Physical data   
  • Texture: Smooth semi gloss.
  • Colour: Grey , Light Red.
  • Solid content by weight, %: 100%.
  • Mixing Ratio by weight : 3.5 : 1 (base: hardener)
  • Flash Point, oC (Mix.): > 100 oC
  • Pot. Life at 25ºC: 30 minutes (for 20 liter).
  • Heat Resistance: continuous 93°C (200° F) non continuous 120°C (250° F)
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness, μm - 200 – 400 μm
  • Cleaning Thinner: Thinner 603 for cleaning spray tools
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