Product Name: Copavinyl Silver Primer 
         Product Code: 128

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Based on non – toxic pigment and vinyl polymer.
  • Recommended for use as an anticorrosive coat for the hull under and above the water line, the top side area and the water decks.
  • Can be used as a tie coat over epoxy tar as a barrier for antifouling.
  • Easy to apply, has excellent anticorrosive qualities with high resistance to sea water, and corrosive environment.
  • Can be over coated with a variety of top coats as:
  • For bottom: Copalin Long Life A/F.
  • Or Copalin Tropical A/F.
  • For bottopping: Copavinyl Finish.
  • For topside: Copacryl Finish.
 Physical data 
  • Gloss: Semi gloss.
  • Color: Light brown Silver.
  • Solids Volume, %: 50%±2.
  • Flash point, º C: 27°C.
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate, at 40μ: 12.5 m2/L. (Base: Hardener)
  • Thinner, Cleaner: Thinner 601.
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