Product Name: Copoxy Hydro Finish 
         Product Code: 410

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Is a two pack epoxide coating designed for lining of fresh water tanks steel and concrete.
  • It permits the build up of thick coat (200μm) in one application.
  • It provides a very hard, tough coat of excellent water resistance.
  • It is used for coating of tanks and containers used for the transport of variety cargoes of potable water, milk, edible oils, fats, etc...
  • It can be applied direct to abrasive blasted steel.
 Physical data  
  • Gloss: Semi gloss
  • Colour: White, Off White.
  • Solids Volume, %: 100.
  • Flash Point, ºC(closed cup): > 100.
  • Mixing ratio by volume: 3:2 (Base: Hardener).
  • Pot Life at 25ºC: 2 hrs.
  • Recommended film thickness,μm : 200.
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate at 100μm : 5 m2/L.
  • Cleaning Thinner: Copalin 603.
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