Product Name: Copoxy Tar
         Product Code: 214

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two components amine adduct coal tar epoxy coating.
  • High build coating with very hard wearing and highly resistance to sea water that make it suitable as anti-corrosive on underwater areas.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Good weather resistance and chemically polluted water resistance.
  • Recommendable as a corrosion control coating for lining of crude oil, ballast water tanks.
  • Used for long- life protective of steel and other structural material in severely corrosive environment e.g. on permanently submerged surface such as ship's bottoms, ballast tanks, hold drilling rigs, sheet piling, crude oil tanks tidal and splash zones and similar areas.
  • Tolerate thickness up to 500 μ in one coat without sagging.
  • Resistance to Cathodic protection
 Physical data 
  • Gloss: Eggshell
  • Color: Black and Brown.
  • Solids Volume, %: approx. 75 ±2
  • Flash Point (closed up), °C: 25
  • Mixing Ratio: 85: 15 (Base & Curing agent) by volume, 91: 9 (Base & Curing agent) by weight.
  • Pot life (at 25ºC): 8 hrs.
  • Recommended d.f.t, μm: 100 – 500
  • Heat resistance: Continuous to 90°C, Non immersion service, Non – continuous to 120°C, None immersion service.
  • Theoretical spreading rate, at 125 μm, dft.: 6 m2/L.
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