Product Name: Copoxy Tar
         Product Code: 210

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two components epoxy polyamide modified coal tar coating.
  • It forms a tough and hard to wear film and rust preventing with very good resistance to water, petroleum products and aliphatic solvents (not aromatic solvent or strong acids).
  • Recommended for long life protection of steel and other structural material in severely corrosive environment such as chemical plant, water ballast tanks, crude oil tanks, rectangle keels and cofferdams.
  • Comply with API RP 5L2 Standards
 Physical data 
  • Gloss: Egg shell
  • Colour: Black and brown.
  • Volume Solids, %: 70 ±2(ASTM D2697).
  • Flash Point, ºC: 26 (closed cup).
  • Mixing ratio: by volume 84: 16 (Base: Hardener), by weight 9:1 (Base: Hardener)
  • Pot Life, at 25ºC: 6 hrs (at higher temperature the pot. life is reduced).
  • Recommended film thickness, μm: 100 - 350.
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate at 125μm: 5.5 m2/L.
  • Thinner: Copalin 603.
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