Product Name: Copoxy S.F 
         Product Code: 316

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two components solvent free epoxy.
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of solvents, petroleum products, crude oil and fuel oils.
  • It is recommended as a putty after thickening with fumed silica as eoresil grades for interiors of storage tanks .
  • It is particularly suitable for areas requiring exceptional durability and abrasion resistance.
 Physical data 
  • Gloss: Gloss.
  • Colour: Transparent.
  • Volume Solids, %: 100.
  • Flash Point, ºC: 130.
  • Mixing ratio, by volume: 5:3 (Base: Hardener). (Fumed silica to be mixed on site with 5% – 6.5% to the mixture).
  • Pot Life, at 25ºC: 60 min. (for 500 gm mix reduced at high temp).
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