Product Name: Copoxy S.F 
         Product Code: 316 W

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Epoxy Solvent – free 316/W coating and laminating resin have been used successfully in a wide variety of end use application, from the petroleum, Chemical, Marine Areas, Water Treatment Sectors of Industry, etc.
  • This resin particularly suitable for the Glass Fiber Laminates.
  • Good adhesion to most substrates.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals.
  • Low viscosity which assist in application at low temperature.
  • Good curing properties also at low temperature and high relative humidity.
 Physical data 
  • Binder: Epoxy
  • Volume Solids, %: 100.
  • Flash Point, ºC: 125 (din 51758).
  • Mixing ratio by wt: (A) 10 Kgs. (B) 6 Kgs.
  • Specific Gravity: 1.07.
  • Pot Life (at 25ºC)(5 Liters): 1.5 hrs (Drying and curing times, pot life, re-coating time are dependent on temperature).
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