Product Name: Copoxy HB
         Product Code: 470

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Copoxy H.B is a two component, high build polyamide based coating.
  • Has very good resistance to seawater, mineral oils, crude oil and petroleum products.
  • Used as an interior and exterior coat on steel structures in corrosive marine and industrial environments, and a protective coating for exposed parts against mechanical wear and seawater / fresh water.
 Physical data   
  • Gloss: Semi gloss
  • Color: Grey, light green.
  • Solids volume, %: 70 ±2
  • Flash point, °C: >26
  • Mixing Ratio, by Volume: 4:1 (Base: Hardener)
  • Pot life at 20°C: 8 hrs.
  • Spreading rate: 6m2/L at 100μm.
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness, μm: 100 - 300
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate at 100 μm: 7 m2/L
  • Induction time at 25ºC: 10 min.
  • Thinning: 603
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