Product Name: Copoxy Novolac HS 
         Product Code: 266

Product Technical Data Sheet 
  • Two component polyamine cured epoxy novolac lining with extra ordinary over all chemical resistance and versatility. Highly resistant to a variety of aggressive cargos like ethanol, gasoline, aviation fuel oil and others. It can be used in both mild acidic and caustic exposure.
  • Market served is terminals, refineries, petrochemical, waste water and many others. So it has outstanding over all chemical resistance.
  • Highly cross linked film for superior barrier protection. Excellent abrasion resistance and toughness can be used as self priming and finish coat.
 Physical data 
  • Colour: Grey, Beige, off white.
  • Finish: Egg shell.
  • Volume Solids, %: 85%± 2%.
  • Flash point: 28 ºC.
  • VOC: approx. 200 gm/L.
  • Mixing ratio by volume: 4: 1 (Base: Hardener).
  • Pot Life (at 24ºC): 2 hrs (will be less at high temp.).
  • Dry film thickness, μm: 100 - 200μm (per coat).
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate at 150μm: 5.6 m2/L.
  • Continuous Dry temp. Resistance: (90ºC - 120ºC max).
  • Non-continuous Dry temp. Resistance: Up to 140 ºC.
  • Thinner: Copalin 603.
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